Network Security Software: An Overview

Top 10 Information Security Threats’ by Kevin prince published in Network Security Edge.

Computer Network Security Software: Network Security Solutions and Network Security Program

A computer network security software mostly consists of an application software that implements the Network Security Program of an organization. A network security software may sometimes be used along with a network security hardware such as a network firewall or network router.

As discussed earlier, network security software may include several different categories of software such as firewalls, packet sniffers, vulnerability scanners and antivirus software.

A firewall can be implemented both as a hardware and a software. It acts as a filter that permits authorized messages to and fro a system while blocks the unauthorized messages. A firewall works on predetermined sets of rules and regulations and grants permission for flow of authorized messages. It is mostly placed between an unprotected network and a protected network like a user system and the internet.

Make sure your computer has some kind of antivirus software

An antivirus software is a software that prevents malicious software or computer programs such as viruses, worms and Trojan horses from attacking a computer system. Most of the antivirus software use signatures of viruses that have been designed earlier. Antivirus software can prevent any suspicious program from taking control of the computer if they find a similar code as is present in its virus directory. Such software packages continuously update their virus database as and when a new code or virus appears on a network.

An intrusion detection software is the most important component of any network security software as far as prevention of a security breach is concerned. Such software prevent any suspicious software from intruding into a computer system. The job of Intruder Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS), is to identify possible threats, preparing a report or log about them, furnish this report to the security administrator and if possible, attempt to stop any loss due to the threat.


Though most organizations deploy various methods to stop any loss due to security breaches through the internet, yet we see several network security breaches being reported everyday. the major cause of these breaches is due to users being unaware of the threats that can be posed before them.

Most of these security measures work only when a threat has already had its impact on several users, and this remains a problem as security measures always a step behind the threats.

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